LogoJET USA Showcases Its Printing Prowess with the Aid of GLM Displays

For over a decade, LogoJET USA has been an active participant in trade show events all over the United States. With clients across the globe, LogoJET USA has earned its place as the global leader in direct-to-substrate, light industrial inkjet printing. Its ground breaking printing technology allows users to print on anything from wood, metal, plastics, glass, rubber and a variety of surfaces.


When it comes to trade shows, LogoJET USA’s primary objective has always been to provide live demonstrations of the LogoJET printers in action. “Nothing helps a customer see the potential of [our] technology like watching it print beautiful images right before their eyes,” says LogoJET USA owner Susan Cox. “And this naturally leads to increased revenue and growth.”

Live demonstrations allow LogoJET USA to address customer concerns, questions and inquiries first hand. They are an excellent means of establishing, maintaining and growing personal customer relationships while offering the perfect venue to show just how well their printers perform in real world conditions.

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Silent Coat Takes on the Trade Show Circuit with New Booth from GLM Displays

The automotive accessories industry is a competitive business; and no one knows that better than vibration dampening and sound deadening manufacturer Silent Coat. Its products are specially designed to minimize and eliminate car noise in an effort to deliver the perfect aural experience for discerning drivers and audiophiles. For the true car-audio enthusiast, top-of-the-line vibration dampeners are a must-have for any ride, and Silent Coat prides itself in delivering some of the best noise-elimination products in the U.S market.

Modular Truss Display 2 - Silent Coat

While its products continue to be the #1 selling noise elimination line in Europe, Silent Coat is working hard to further its reach throughout North America. Part of its marketing and sales effort includes establishing a strong tradeshow presence in the various auto and trade events throughout the country. Silent Coat recognizes that its cutting-edge noise elimination technology is best experienced firsthand. This makes any opportunity to demonstrate their products to potential customers another chance to close a sale.

But even a company like Silent Coat recognizes that a successful exhibit takes more than a great product and a well-trained sales team. Silent Coat acknowledges the need for top quality trade show displays and equipment that can keep up with the high standards of its company. With the help of trade display distributor GLM Displays, Silent Coat has managed to put together a trade booth that fits perfectly into its tradeshow strategy.

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Secure Digital Solutions Attracts Customers with Backpack Giveaways from GLM Displays

For the past four years, Secure Digital Solutions, LLC (SDS) has made the trade show circuit an integral part of its marketing efforts. As an information security, data protection and compliance service provider, SDS has managed to connect with thousands of customers through various trade shows all over the country.


With a wide variety of technical and business services under its belt, trade shows have become a great opportunity for SDS to showcase their services to new and existing clients. This has allowed SDS to increase brand awareness and to network with new potential customers.

Although SDS makes a point of participating in an average of only five trade shows per year, the company makes sure that their time on the show floor is time well spent. This takes careful planning and preparation, as well as years on the trade show circuit.

But one of the prevailing challenges of almost every trade show vendor is drawing guests to their booth. This is why it’s particularly important for companies like SDS to find new ways to engage customers, whether it’s those who have remained loyal through the years, or those who have only come in contact with SDS through the trade show.

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TSI and DICKEY-john Go Global with Trade Displays from GLM Displays

TSI Inc. and its subsidiary DICKEY-john, hinge a large part of its marketing initiatives on trade shows both locally and abroad. Their commitment to international excellence make it important for them to depend on nothing less than the best trade displays and the most reliable of exhibition equipment.

TSI Booth

TSI provides performance measurement solutions for both industrial and academic research; while Dickey-john provides market-leading monitors, controllers, moisture testers, ground speed sensors and a variety of other systems for both manufacturing and engineering.

Given the complex nature of TSI and DICKEY-john’s products, trade events are necessary to allow their sales teams to showcase their products first hand. TSI Marketing Event Planner, Kelly Johnson, affirms the importance of trade events for both TSI and DICKEY-john. For Johnson, trade events are an integral component in generating brand awareness and lead generation.

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